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The kit is designed for students in grades 4-6 and covers topics like local biodiversity threats, effects of carbon dioxide emissions, and the science behind Super Plants. As a part of the lesson, students plant and track their own Super Plants with the seeds included. Thanks to the OurEcho Challenge through EarthEcho, every kit is free.                  

Each kit contains:

  • 20 California Melicgrass and/or California Fescue seeds per student.

  • Kit guide with a letter to students about Project Super Plants and the urgency of taking action, information about threats to biodiversity and the effects of carbon dioxide emissions, the science behind Super Plants, and extension activities.

  • Planting instructions for growing Super Plants.

  • Tracking forms for students to record the growth of their plants.

  • Access to both hardcopy and online versions of materials.

Teaching the content and planting Super Plant seeds take about 1.5 hours total. Students then water and track their plant until it is full-grown (about 1 month).

Our classroom kit provides hands-on activities, real-life examples, and a simple way for peers to make a difference.

If you are interested in using our classroom kit, please email us at

Kit Guide -- Preparing
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Partner with Us

We hope to partner with classrooms and organizations to bring Project Super Plants to our peers in addition to using our classroom kit. We are open to spreading our project in many different ways whether presenting in classrooms or at conferences, conducting Super Plant plantings, tying into organization events, etc.

If you are interested, please reach out to us via